US Route 1: Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

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Decaf Medium Roast From Single Origin Honduran

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Experience the rich and smooth taste of Coffee Hound’s US Route 1 Medium Roast Decaf Coffee, a coffee that captures the serene and unhurried pace of driving on Route 1 in Maine. This remarkable roast is crafted from 100% Arabica single origin Honduran beans, decaffeinated using the mountain water process. This gentle method ensures the coffee retains its mild, non-acidic nature while offering an awesome flavor profile.

Flavor Profile of Our Medium Roast Decaf Coffee:

The US Route 1 Decaf Medium Roast features exquisite flavor notes of chocolate, lemon, and walnut. These harmonious flavors create a well-rounded and satisfying coffee experience that is perfect for any time of day. Packaged in a flat-bottomed bag with a zip closure, this roast maintains its freshness and rich aroma between each brew.

Sourced from Honduras:

Our Honduran coffee comes from the renowned Santa Barbara area, situated over 3,000 feet above sea level. A region celebrated for producing exceptional coffee, thanks to its fertile volcanic soil and meticulous production methods employed at San Vicente. The coffee is grown and processed with great care, contributing to its superior quality and distinctive taste.

The San Vicente cooperative not only produces outstanding coffee but also supports over 1,500 other coffee producers in the region. They provide assistance with planting, processing, and curating speciality coffee lots, ensuring that their passion for coffee is evident in every cup. This community-driven approach results in coffee that is rich in flavor and ethically produced.

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