44˚N 68˚W Bar Harbor

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Medium Roast From Costa Rica & Sumatra

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The latitude and longitude of Bar Harbor, Maine is 44˚N 68˚W and is where it all started for Coffee Hound in 2013. This medium roast is 100% Arabica blend of Costa Rica and Sumatra. It is boastful, yet a breath of fresh air just like Bar Harbor and the foothills of Acadia National Park.

This roast has flavor notes of chocolate, honey, vanilla and orange. It has average acidity, body and sweetness levels. Now a flat bottomed bag with zip closure to keep coffee fresh between brews.

Our Costa Rica coffee comes from the CoopeTarrazu of Los Santos Tarrazu. The Coop assists more than 2,600 small-farm members in technical assistance and affordable fertilizers. The coffee is grown at 4,000 ft and is fully washed. The Coop also provides consistent milling, quality, evaluation and exporting. Our Sumatra coffee comes from the North Sumatra province of Indonesia, one of the largest coffee producing regions on the island with nearly all family-owned farms. The coffee is grown at 3,000 ft and processed by wet-hull.

Are you a fan of this medium roast? Then check out our single serve pour-over option.

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