Four Footed Companion

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Medium-Dark Roast From Yirgacheffe Ethiopia

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We created the Four Footed Companion Roast and the Arlo Fund in loving memory of our adopted Coffee Hound mascot and companion, Arlo. He lived a full and wonderful Maine life hiking Acadia National Park trails in the summers to the ski mountains in the winters, touching many lives along the way.

The Four Footed Companion Roast is a single origin Yirgacheffe Ethiopia which is origin of coffee. It is medium-dark roasted, kosher certified and a 100% Arabica coffee.

This roast has flavor notes of black cherry, cocoa, molasses, brown sugar and lemon gives this coffee an above average sweetness level and a moderate body.

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The Arlo Fund was created to honor our four footed companions who give so much during their short lives and this fund enables us to give back on their behalf. Proceeds from the sale of this bag are collected for the Arlo Fund and are given to non-profit animal related organizations. If you are animal non-profit please contact us here.


Bangor Humane Society, Bangor Maine

Pittie Posse Rescue & Sanctuary, Portland Maine

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