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BREWER — Coffee Hound in Brewer, a veteran-founded and women-owned company, changed the way they knew business in 2019. At the time, Jennifer Litteral, the president of Coffee Hound Coffee Co., and her business partner, Chris Keegan, had multiple retail coffee shops.

“We wanted to diversify and open up our own roastery and start doing our own roasted coffee instead of buying from another location,” Litteral said.

Litteral said they got the ball rolling. The start-up process could’ve taken them two to three years, but Litteral said it took them nine months. From an industrial coffee roasting plant in Brewer, Litteral and Keegan now sell their coffee to nearly 100 grocery and retail stores from Fort Kent to Bethel.

“We do everything from buying it in green, bring it in green, we roast it, we package it, we source it,” said Keegan, the founder, and visionary officer.

Monday, they were recognized for their hard work and transformation throughout 2020 — a year where many people turned to making their own coffee.

“Everybody is looking for a cup of paradise,” Keegan said.

Coffee Hound was named “Bangor’s Most Exciting Start-up for 2020” by UpStart Maine.

“We wanted to give a most exciting start-up in the region award so we asked the community members to vote on who they thought was the most exciting start-up,” said Katelynn Ronan, the president of UpStart Maine.

“We’re very excited about being the inaugural, first one to receive this,” Keegan said.

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