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Italian-Espresso Roast From Sumatra & Colombia

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Norumbega was a Viking territory featured on very early maps of Maine. Today you can find the name throughout Maine including a hiking trail in Acadia National Park and the town hall of Bangor. This Italian espresso roast is a 100% Arabica blend of Sumatra and Colombia. It is Viking bold yet smooth and is perfect for making a rich espresso.

This roast has flavor notes of chocolate, molasses, vanilla and caramel. It has low acidity, high body and above average sweetness. Now a flat bottomed bag with zip closure to keep coffee fresh between brews.

Our Sumatra comes from the North Sumatra province of Indonesia, one of the largest coffee producing regions on the island with nearly all family-owned farms. The coffee is grown at 3,000 ft and processed by wet-hull. Our Colombia Excelso comes from a small family-owned farms in the Colombian coffee triangle. The coffee there is grown at 4,000 ft. and processed by micro-wet mills and dried in solar dryers.

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