The Golden Road

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Light Roast From Single Origin Guatemalan

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The Golden Road runs through the northern Maine woods for the timber industry, one of Maine’s oldest trades. This light roast is a 100% Arabica single origin Guatemala, it is crisp, light and packed with a punch of caffeine just what a lumberjack needed to get going on early mornings.

This roast has flavor notes of cherry, orange and peach. It is higher acidity, low body and above average sweetness. Now a flat bottomed bag with zip closure to keep coffee fresh between brews.

Our Guatemala coffee comes from Los Volcanes, the world-renowned Antigua coffee region where their production methods have become the standard in the industry. The coffee is grown above 4,000 ft and is fully washed by some of the top small-farm producers in the Ciudad Vieja volcanic valley, where the soil is rich in minerals, nutrients and sediments which is ideal for growing unique and outstanding coffee.

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Wander. Explore. Caffeinate.

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