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Wholesale Coffee
Equipment Sales & Service

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Espresso and Coffee Equipment Sales & Servicing

At Coffee Hound Coffee Co., we are a one-stop shop for all your coffee equipment needs. We are a dealer and licensed technician for Rancilio Italian espresso machines and grinders. We sell, install and tech Rancilio Espresso machines and grinders.

Please contact us for technical issues or yearly tune-ups to keep your Rancilio espresso equipment humming along or for estimates on upgrades or installing new equipment. Receive the best pricing options to meet your needs.


Cafe Launch Consulting

The U.S. is the world’s leading consumer of coffee. Over half of Americans of all ages consume 140 billion cups of coffee every year and coffee shops make $12 billion in revenue every year.

Thinking of starting your own cafe?

We have over 21 years of combined experience. We have served over 1 million customers and trained nearly 100 baristas. We have helped consult with many cafes with various options of consulting. We are licensed equipment technicians and dealers and wholesale coffee roasters. A one-stop shop for all your basic needs for a coffee house, café, coffee kiosk, coffee food truck, coffee bar, and more. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let Coffee Hound help you go from launch to profits in less time. Please contact us for more information.

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Wholesale Coffee

Talk to us about being your wholesale coffee. We are a small-batch coffee roaster in Bangor dedicated to Maine’s craftsmanship. We work hard to create an extraordinary coffee experience for our customers by ethically sourcing and artfully roasting every batch of our coffee. We can provide trusted house roasts that we created and served to over a million of our own customers. We can provide our Kosher certified coffee in multiple roast options: Espresso, Dark, Medium, Light, Medium Decaf and Espresso Decaf in either whole bean or ground in multiple size options: 5lb. and 2lb. as well as fractional packs 2.5oz, 7.5oz, 9oz

Already have a restaurant or cafe?

We can provide trusted house roasts from Espresso, Dark, Medium, Light, and Decaf that we created and served to over a million of our own customers. We also can work with you to create your own lines and roasts of your choosing.

Want to bring a fully branded experience to your coffee establishments?

We offer fully private label retail coffee bags. Keep your brand strong and your customers coming back to your establishment with a private label.

cold brew

207 Cold Brew Coffee Kegs

In 2019, Coffee Hound Coffee Co. and Geaghan Brothers’ Brewery started collaborating to produce 207 Cold Brew Coffee in kegs and barrels to serve on tap. Using Coffee Hound’s Area Code 207 dark roasted coffee beans and recipe and produced at Geaghan Brothers’ Brewery in Bangor.

Distributing to cafes, bars, and restaurants to serve on tap as Traditional Cold Brew Coffee or infused with nitrogen for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee through Geaghan’s and Maine Distributors.

The cold brew coffee market size is expected to reach 1.63 billion by 2025. Restaurants, cafes, and bars that don’t currently have an affinity cold brew coffee program with our product give you access to a top-notch product for their customers.

Cold brew in kegs save the time, mess, inconsistencies and the labor to produce on site. Our product provides an opportunity for new cocktails or beer drinks using cold brew coffee, i.e., Irish Americano – nitro-infused cold brew coffee with Irish whiskey or a Nitro Black & Brown – stout beer with nitro coffee.

Coffee in kegs has little to no loss from pour to pour, which happens with beer. And the shelf-life is much longer than a keg of beer. It’s a perfect product for customers who drink cold brew coffee year-round.It also provides inclusion for customers who are the designated drivers or who don’t consume alcohol. It’s on-trend with the new wave and demand for Non-Alcoholic beverages.

Interested in serving 207 Cold Brew at your establishment?

Please Geaghan Brothers Brewery or Maine Distributors.

Small Farm Grown

Small Batch

Roasted Coffee From Maine

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Small Farm Grown

Small Batch Roasted Coffee From Maine

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