press Coffee hound Coffee Co. and Maine internet Radio Announce ” Coffee Conversations”

Hello there how are you? what can i get for you? sure thing where are you from? no kidding ive been there! the cross walk down town.  The one that Jimmy stewart walks you across street; I must have crossed the street 15 times just to talk to him!

One of the greatest things about our Coffee shop was the counter! All the great people that we meet over the years in bar harbor. There stories were great the Conversation’s were even better! Alot of them still are on going  This is one of the things i miss the most!

These “Coffee Conversations” are what inspired what we want to share with you. Drum roll please!!!!  In Collaboration with Kim Mitchell owner of maine internet radio. This coming Sunday at noon! we will air our first show of “Coffee Conversations” on www.maineinternetradio.com/mainly-alternative the show will then re air on wednesday’s at noon and friday’s at 6pm. Our goal is to be able to have these kind of conversations again maybe even have some call in guests maybe old friends or even people who are new to us calling in with there “Coffee Conversation”! Our goal is to have a mix of talk radio coffee inspired music and a few guests will show up from time to time! Other DJ’s from other channels! for me i can’t lie. I’ve been kind of missing this due to the covid. This is where Kim has come to the rescue. His history in radio how could i ask for a better mentor? Hands down i couldn’t i am looking forward to being able to share with you and many others with this show! Please check in on the show it isnt very long but has good content we look forward to making it for you each week! Just like we did when we were making you perfect latte at the shop!  We will do our best to help you be the at home Barista that most of you have become, and with any luck we will be sending you the high quality coffee we roast at the Coffee Hound Coffee Co..



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Premium Coffee

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