Tips: To Grind or Not to Grind, That is the Question

The number one question we get asked all the time is, “Do I buy already ground coffee or buy whole beans and grind the coffee before making it”? The answer is if you want to elevate the taste and experience of your morning cup of coffee, then grinding it just before making it will get you there!

The next, more important question is, “what kind of grinder?” In the cafe coffee world, the metric is to spend as much as you can on grinders. Then, spend the remainder on espresso machines and coffee brewers.

In the consumer world, there are many inexpensive entry-level options. Most are a chopping kind, like a food processor with blades that cut the bean down. It’s great for nuts but not for coffee.

The part of the coffee bean that gives the drink a rich taste is the oil from the coffee bean. For that, you need what’s called a burr grinder. Instead of chopping, a burr grinder mashes the bean to extract and preserve the coffee bean’s oils. There are many burr grinders on the market, usually priced starting around $50 – $150. A simple search with burr coffee grinder on the internet will lead you right to them.

However, these days it is harder to find a whole bean bag of coffee in the grocery stores. Gone are the days of a community coffee grinder, where you’d grind coffee right in the store. Many retail grocery stores don’t offer whole bean bags of coffee.

This has pushed many coffee roasters to sell most of their coffee lines in the whole beans online. We are one of those. Most of our online sales are whole bean bags of coffee. When an online order comes into us, we roast it 24 hours before shipping.

When it lands on your doorstep, it is beyond fresh. We also offer subscriptions on monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly timing. So, you no longer have to think about coffee, except for when it is in your morning cup, and you are savoring each delicious drop.

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